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Why Women Should Strength Train!

Why women should strength train! The stigma society once had on female strength training has slowly transitioned to normality. Female strength training makes women stronger, leaner, and most importantly, confident in their inner and outer beauty. The gym should not be a scary, intimidating experience. Gyms often give off a "boys club" vibe, and many women stray away due to lack of knowledge, social anxiety, and not having a plan.

Strength training can be achieved in various ways using bands, weights, or bodyweight, while the main goal is to increase strength and endurance. Keep in mind, ladies, we have a significant advantage over the boys in the gym! We recover quicker from strenuous activity due to our body's ability to access the energy needed to heal and repair muscles.

Strength training for women is valuable for our health and the many benefits it has on our minds and body. Training in this fashion helps enhance your mood, reduces stress, risks of various diseases, and, most importantly, fat loss and muscle gains. Afraid of bulking, don't be! The biggest misconception is that lifting weights will make you look bulky and "manly." This theory has been debunked by research and the many women who have already joined the lifestyle.

To reach a bulking phase, you must have the diet direction and training frequency to see real bulking. Since we have lower testosterone levels, our bodies take a little longer to see real muscle bulk. You will see lean results without looking like Arnold with a maintenance diet plan and a steady strength routine. Depending on your goals, strength training can make you stronger while losing weight, or you can reach a muscu