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Why establishing an exercise routine is important?

Having a structured exercise routine is important for many reasons!!! I am not a writer lol so I’m gonna do my best here to tell this from my point of you, then check out this awesome article below for more details and data!!

For myself, having a structured exercise routine keeps me on track on a day to day basis! Being a trainer, I train usually between 6 or 7 to 10 or 11am then again from 3-4pm between 8pm!! So for my structured routine it’s usually around 11-12pm that I get a chance to do my training!!

I have found that putting my training time in my Google calendar helps to ensure that I get my training in for the day! I also have a reminder on my trainerize app that reminds me it’s time to train for the day!

I aim for 4-5 solid days of training per week with at least 40-50 minutes of strength training and 20-30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio. I don’t stress if I don’t hit it, but I do notice I feel much better when I actually train!

This might be a lot if you are a beginner in the gym so set small realistic goals for yourself, and be proud of the work you put in!!

Hope you all can get your training routines organized and if you ever need any help getting a workout program to keep you on track, shoot me a message! I have plenty of options for you!