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Step Challenge

September Step Challenge!! 🤩🤩

For any DMF PT clients, nutrition clients and small group clients. Must stay up to date on current sessions while participating. If you want to sign up and are not a client you can donate to the Wounded Warrior Project and that will count as your entry!!

The challenge: It's just for fun - let's start September off right by seeing who can get the most steps in a week!

We will start on Wednesday Morning Sept 1st and end on Wednesday Sept 8 at Midnight.

How to play: at the end of the day, take a photo or screenshot of your steps and post+tag @FytFeed & @dmf.fitness2020 in your story! We will keep a tally of where everyone is! If you don’t have Instagram my cell is in the sign up form, you can send me your step count then. All cell phones have a step tracker on the Health App so even if you don’t have a watch you can still participate.

Throughout the week, feel free to post photos and vids getting your steps in to egg-on your opponents and keep each other motivated! If you tag @FytFeed & @dmf.fitness2020, we’ll share everyone’s effort and progress!

Thursday Sept 9th, the person with the most steps overall will win a prize package from me!! If we get enough to participate I may do🔝 3!! So sign up below! Follow both of us and get ready for a challenge!!

Link to sign up ⬆️

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