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Nutrition 101

Have you been curious 🤨 as how to log or track your macros?? Do you even know what a macro is?? Do you need help reading food labels, getting a proper meal plan together for yourself or need to know what to eat when going out with friends or traveling??

Well, I am hosting a beginner friendly Nutrition 101 Seminar at Victory Fit on August 22nd at 11am.

During this seminar there will be a PowerPoint presentation that will go over the basics of proper nutrition to help get you set up on your journey to a healthier and happier you!

Feel free to take notes, come with questions and be ready to learn!! The seminar will be no longer than an hour! I will also have a coaching special for those that need more help and accountability if so preferred!

Cost is 15$ for non members or basic membership of victory fit or 10$ for current unlimited victory fit or DMF clients or members (please reach out for discount code)

Below is the event with more info and the link to enroll! Class can be streamed via zoom if there is the need! So please reach out and let me know!