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New Year New You Challenge

New Year New You Challenge is upon us!! This challenge is a little different then challenges that I have hosted before because now I have my own gym that you can have access to!!! Plus weight loss is not the only factor in how you can win! I had great success in my last accountability challenge so this will be a mixture of accountability challenges and weight loss on your journey to a healthier you!!

This challenge is 100$ for non members or clients which includes unlimited access to my gym or a 5x a week training program on my Custom App! This is over a 50$ savings on my normal pricing for a month at the gym or my 5x a week training program, plus you have the chance to win the cash pot.

If you are an unlimited member or have paid in full all you have to do is pay the 20$ cash buy in!

There will be weekly challenges in which you will earn points for the challenge, as well as get ranked on weight loss which will contribute towards your overall points as well. So even if weight loss doesn’t happen, there is still a very high chance of winning as long as you participate in the weekly challenges.

Weigh ins, free body fat test and measurements will take place the morning of January 8th from 9-10am, then there is a free Kickstart your Metabolism Seminar Sunday the 9th at 11am to help make sure you are on the right track with your eating!

I am very excited for this. Pre COVID i had over 70 participants between two separate gyms and the cash prize was insane!!!

Other perks of the challenge, private accountability group, free access to my gym during class times until the 6th of Feb, weekly challenges, recipes, tips and guides, before and after body fat and measurements and more!!