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  • daniellehawkins084

My Must-Haves and Top Tips for the Gym

What do you bring to the gym?? If you are new you probably have no clue? Number 1!!! Headphones!!! I love listening to the music I want to listen to! Gym music can suck sometimes so never leave the gym without those! Plus it can get you in the mood if you’re listening to something you love!!

Here are some other items that I use to help me with my lifting sessions or to have as accessory items for some of my workouts!!

I weight lift a lot so I have invested in a nice pair of lifters and knee sleeves. These help with squats, lunges, and to keep your knees warm during your lifting so that you can help prevent injury!

I also have a Rogue Lifting belt. Lifting belts help protect your back during compound lifts like the deadlift, squat, and bench. As you get stronger having a lifting belt can be beneficial to get you to that next level!

I also have booty bands, pull-up bands, and handled bands to use to warm up my larger muscle group joints like my hips and shoulders to get ready to lift.

A few other things I carry are lifting straps, for deadlifts, rows, and heavy DBs. Chalk in case my hands get too sweaty. These are just a few of the things I carry!

What do you use? Do you have any questions about items you need in the gym! Don’t be afraid to ask!!