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Low energy?? We can help!

Do you struggle with low energy??


Let's face it, some days, we don't have the energy. We have to drag ourselves to the gym. Even the most elite struggle some days. The lack of energy may result from a variety of factors. Food choices, sleep habits, and sometimes mental health issues can play a part in our lack of energy.  


Most commonly is the lack of sleep. Life can get busy and sometimes binge watching a show can prevent us from getting to bed on time.  There are also babies, work deadlines and chores that can keep us up beyond a healthy hour.  On average, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is needed to rest and recharge fully. This means getting uninterrupted sleep is what's needed to go through each sleep cycle. 


So what can we do if the odds are against us? You don't want to lose a day of working out because of the choices we make throughout the day. Pushing through that tiredness and getting yourself to the gym is just the cure. Dr. Hope Ricciotti from Harvard Women's Health Watch states that exercising also boosts oxygen circulation inside your body. 


So don't quit so soon! Hold yourself accountable for your choice and get in the gym and kill it! The more you push, you'll see the results of exercise on your body.  Choose simple exercises to ease into your routine when you are having fatigue. Start with stretches, yoga, or walking on the treadmill. These can help warm your body and release endorphins to get you to the weights.  Don’t let the excuses flow in, you got this! Fight low energy with a routine fit to nourish and replenish your body


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