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  • daniellehawkins084

How to stay consistent and make a structured routine!!!

To boost your consistency in trying to maintain and target your fitness and nutrition goals, try these steps to keep you accountable!!

Make a schedule and stick with it!! Put your workout time in your calendar, right it down in a notebook, or set an alarm 🚨!! Pick one time a day to go and keep it routine. It takes 30 plus days to build a habit so stick with that and I promise it will get easier!!

Create the right environment!!! Each night I lay out my workout clothes, set out my supplements and make sure my food is ready for the next day!! Creating the right environment and setting yourself up for success will be key 🔑 in ensuring you are on track with a plan!

Set reasonable and attainable goals!! Have you ever heard that person say that they want to lose 50# in a mont but then give up after two weeks because they aren’t on track?? That goal is very unrealistic and unattainable! Set short term and attainable goals! Crush those goals then set new ones!!

I could go on and on about this but here is a good start for you!!