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Build that Peach!!!

Your glutes are by far the largest group of muscles in your body. They are also quite important, especially because they consist of muscles that work to rotate, abduct, and extend your hip thus making them very critical to movement.

By firming up these muscles, your athletic performance, overall strength, and posture will considerably improve.

Glute Activation

While there are numerous reasons as to why an individual might have weakened glute muscles, one main cause is that most people are living sedentary lifestyles. Very many jobs, nowadays, require people to sit down for long hours or, after working all day, we rush home and relax on the couch: this only leads to the glute muscles becoming dormant more than they are supposed to be. Moreover, you might have weak glutes since you over-rely on other body muscles to move. Whichever the case, the number of people with weak glutes is significantly increasing by the day.

For most people, their glutes remain often inactive. Switched off glutes mean that the muscles in question are frail, and they cannot successfully carry out their mandate. Glute activation, therefore, refers to the act of firing up the concerned muscles in an effort to make them stronger.

Build that Peach!!

Advantages of Strong Glutes

1. Better posture

With many of us spending so much time glued to a chair, we constantly are exposed to the dangers of contracting the sitting disease; it is really a disorder since too much sitting can lead to muscle degradation, organ damage, and damaged backs. By ensuring that your glute muscles are strong, your pelvis will begin to stabilize and your spine will have better support. Both of these advantages are essential to achieving a better posture.