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Benefits of strength training, balance and posture for seniors!!

Benefits of strength training, balance and posture for seniors!!


You are never too old to create new positive habits. Some ponder whether starting an exercise routine after 60 is even worth the trouble. Some may even avoid the conversation altogether with a number of excuses, but we are here to tell you it is never too late, and the benefits are astronomical.  


Posture is a significant concern as we age. Unfortunately, when we neglect to move specific parts of our body or stay mindful of how our body moves, we can start to see our muscles and bones weaken. Spinal vertebrae begin to collapse as we age and one of the only ways to prevent such a condition is by targeting the upper back through strengthening and posture exercises. The core and trunk muscles play a major role in our safety as we age. Not only are they responsible for balance, but they also play a part in maintaining good posture.  


Your age is only a number. It does not define you or make you who you are. We can reinvent ourselves at any point in our lives; most importantly, it is never too late to start strength training. Although it may sound intimidating, many modifications can be used to guide you through a challenging yet beneficial routine. One of our trainers can train you through a workout designed to fit your needs. Even with a joint replacement, as long as you have clearance from a physician, you can work with one of the certified trainers to get your independent life back!

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