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Michelle Personal Training Client - 2015

OK, so I finally decided to really take control of my health last year. I had a pretty good diet and had already lost some weight, but I hardly ever exercised with purpose. I joined ‪#‎theroostcrossfit back in June and have loved every minute of it. Joining The Roost is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Every day, I feel a little better, healthier, stronger. I still have a lot of work to do, but just look at the difference 9 months has made. If I can do this, anyone can! The Roost coaches know how to work with you at your ability level, while still nudging you to work hard. And the other members are so supportive and encouraging, too. Special shout out to my personal trainer Danielle Hawkins – she really helped me to focus on some specific areas and to dial in my nutrition. With her help, I lost 5 pounds and 3 inches in the last month. Overall, I’m down 27 pounds since June 2015, and I’m no longer considered obese according to my BMI. ‪#‎winning

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Progress for your one and only!! - 2016

3 month progress pic from @drivenperformancelabs @kgamelier! No I don't have abs yet but surely working on them lol! Anyway, i officially started at 151 so I'm down just shy of 7# in three months, since moving from Arkansas in October I'm down from 155# to today's weight so 5 months down over 11#! It's been quite a process and have to trust it, but as you can see in the bottom half of the pic my weight does fluctuate quite often and that's normal, it happens and don't get discouraged! Look at the trends versus day to day weight!! I'm proud of myself and I'm only a little over a pound from goal weight for the open, then I get to cut to below 140 for a strongman comp so that will be interesting!! Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journeys and keep your heads up and keep going!! ‪#‎crossfit ‪#‎theroostcrossfit ‪#‎teamrsp ‪#‎openprep ‪#‎weightloss ‪#‎macros ‪#‎carbs ‪#‎fitchick

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This 🙌 this first picture was taken 2years ago. I wasn’t overweight, but you can see my little pooch, I actually weighed less in the first picture than what I do now. The scale has ALWAYS been my biggest enemy 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve kept myself from even stepping on it anymore and just going by the way my body feels and I take pictures constantly to keep up with it 😂 eating is a HUGE factor. Which, of course, my hubby has tried to drill in my head for years, but who listens to their husband 😂😂😂 sorry Brian Dollar 😘😘😘 but he knows this and supports my goals so he let me hook up with Marie Danielle  she’s always pushing me to do more. Not to mention, I’ve met some pretty awesome ladies on this journey.. September boot camp starts next week. It’s a great place to start if you have goals you want to reach, she’s your girl to get you started. She also helps with meal plans and can do virtual. All you have to do is make that first step 🥰 #quarantineBod - 2020 - Jess Dollar

Catrina Valadez - Down 80+ lbs since starting her fitness journey!


"I was reminded today, when my dear friend Danielle Marie of Danielle Marie Fitness asked me for an update of my progress, how far I have come in the past year. Trying not to be ashamed of where I was but rather be exceptionally proud of how far I’ve come. I love this body now, but I love the confidence and self-esteem I’ve gained far more!"



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Working with Danielle has been a truly eye-opening experience for me. I've been doing either personal training, HIIT, CrossFit pretty much daily M-F for 6+ years.


I've studied, read, researched about nutrition online, books, magazines, etc for several years now KNOWING that the nutrition portion of my daily regime was really lacking or MISSING. But with SO much information, I was even more confused than ever. I'd read about macros but didn't know how to get my "numbers". I looked at other nutrition programs but if I asked myself, if I got my numbers what would that mean? How would I apply them? Who is really getting my money and how do I know I'll get anything in return other than a "thank you" email with some random numbers. LOL


I've been following Danielle for a couple of years now on Facebook and watching her succeed in different CrossFit events from Arkansas to Washington. She and I have some mutual Facebook friends as she owned a CrossFit box about 35 miles from where I live in Arkansas.

When I saw that she was offering a nutrition program, I thought "now this is a real person" that I know of! Given her success, maybe she can help me!! So I contacted her and after giving some information about myself she in turn gave me those important "numbers" and we were off to a great start! My goal is/was not to necessarily lose weight, but decrease body fat % and most importantly gain energy and not feel so drained. She informed me right off that I was within normal limits for my age in regards to weight and body fat %. But looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that I wanted to decrease body fat % so that I could expose some the results of the hard work I'd put in at the gym over the last 6+ years.


Once I started tracking my macros and seeing what I was (or was not) eating, Danielle realized really quickly that I was under-eating. Then started eating and hitting the macros that she prescribed for me, sure enough my body fat started to decrease and I was feeling great! Only after a couple of days (yes, days) of increasing my foods, I ran my first 5K without having to stop gasping for air. One month later I ran a 5K again and actually felt like I could have run further! I've hit several PR's in the gym with weights also. I'd had a goal for several years to deadlift my body weight and now I actually have met that goal and set a NEW increased goal within 2 months of eating the macro way!!!!


Danielle and I speak on the phone once a week and take about 30 minutes to discuss what I have eaten and she's always willing to give me options & ideas of different foods to help meet my macros, and takes the time to adjust macros along the way to keep my body guessing. She has also given me accessory work such as core work and coached me on running and even strategies to achieve hero WODs. Danielle is quick to answer any questions I've had whether through Facebook messenger, text, or email. I still have a lot to learn but at l know I'm headed in the right direction!

Lisa Whittemore

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As embarrassing as this photo is...


This photo was taken in July...

 2020 has been a rough year. ..physically and mentally..through migraines , meds, and finding out I am in menopause.  I decided to take back control of my life.. This is by far  the heaviest I have ever been. And the heaviest I ever want to be EVER again.. I started with Hormone therapy at Bentley Medical..thanks to another friend for leading down that path.


So one day..

I was Wing deer park and asked about a group of women who was working out and I started coming. ..

I find myself getting stronger,  more energy,  and motivation from a group of women who have inspired to me to push myself more each time every time I come to boot camp.

One foot in front of the other..

One day at a time.

But I am very thankful for Marie Danielle..


Its amazing how being at the right place at the right time..has led me to the start of believing in myself once again..

The journey back to being ME Is started once again..and I am on a mission..

     Jennifer Olson

     Jennifer Olson

My journey started in January of this year when I was the heaviest I’ve ever been.  I decided to start going to the gym.  I would lose a couple pounds here and there but it wasn’t until being locked down with a very active son that I realized just how out of shape I was.  I thank Jennifer Venters for persuading me to go to Danielle’s Boot Camp in August.  I figured, “Why not?”  It was the best decision I have made in a long time.  Since the middle of August, I have dropped 18 pounds, 17 inches, and 6% body fat thanks to Danielle’s Boot Camp, Strength and Conditioning Program, and Meal Plan.  I have stopped worrying about what the scale says and ask myself, “What can I challenge myself to do today?”  I am so excited to be on this journey because Danielle has made being fit….FUN! 


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